Wednesday, February 23, 2011

T-Mobile: The shirt

As a present for my nephew for his 1st birthday, I wanted to make him something special. When he started crawling, and then walking, his parents nick-named him T-Mobile. Very fitting since his name is Tyler and his was mobile! His favorite toy also happens to be a cell phone. I couldn't help but make him this shirt!

It isn't perfect. It's a little crooked, but I think for my first EVER attempt at an embroidered/applique T-shirt, it isn't too bad! Holy cow, embroidered shirts are TOUGH! It isn't like you just throw the shirt in the hoop like you do with most embroidery projects. Oh no. You have to get this special sticky stabilizer that you put in the hoop. And then you sort of turn the shirt inside out and stick the inside of the shirt on the sticky part of the stabilizer so the front part you want shows. You really have to keep an eye on it beacuse it is very easy for the shirt to get bunched up.

I have to give a major shout out to my pal Lisa at Love Lucas Creations. She helped me out big time with this project!! Girl, I've said it're a genius. :) I also have to give a major shout out to my husband because he also helped me figure things out as well. I'd like to know why the heck my embroidery machine didn't come with more detailed embroidery instructions in the user manual??? Oh and I'm also going to give Lisa major kudos for her fabulous Tees. She does such a great job with them and they are HARD! I never had any idea how hard some of the applique designs could be until I tried this!! Be sure to check out her website. Seriously - cutest.shirts.ever. And very affordable.

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